John Newman (Johnny Newman)


2 thoughts on “Connect

  1. Hi
    Stumbled on your website as I was researching compossers. Im self teaching myself musique concrete/acoustmatic music (music from real sounds. The score to ‘looper’ is a great example as is Stephen Mark Sarros – tantrum of the muse – solo album, sympathy for the living). I dig your stuff that i’ve heard and love that you are a metal composser).

    I saw your post about the birth of your son. Congrats. I work with folks with downes- they are everything the rest of us are from divas to activists, athletes and holders of honorary ph.ds.

    Portland, or

  2. Johnny. My wife and I just listened to much of your new album. This is wonderful. The music is great, but the reverence to Christ is so authentic. Please let me know when you get hard copies.

    -Joe Beeler

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