Tear off the Roof | On Mark 2

Brothers, sisters – carry me closer. I see so many at His feet. I wanna be there! I want to be there! Carry me closer. I need to be fixed. My heartbeat’s a mess & only He can fix this wreck! There are so many – so many there. Carry me up to the roof! Hoist me up with mighty arms and lower me in!

Only He heals & only He forgives!

Tear off the roof and lower me in, because only He heals & only He forgives!

(inspired by Mark 2)

Johnny @ Ignite 2015

Coming up on November 14th, I have the great privilege of playing my first acoustic set at the Ignite 2015 music festival. 

While I guess I’m probably more well known for my heavy metal works, I’ve written many songs over the years that I will soon be  orchestrating into my follow up album to the Easter 2015 “The Great Mistrial (or Go to Dark Gethsemane).”  

The songs I’m playing on November 14th will make up a great portion of the new album – acoustic now, heavier  soon.

I am especially looking forward to sharing these songs in their more ‘stripped-down’ state. It’s going create a more personal and emotional performance. I look forward to seeing you all there!

Event details here