Inspiration & Practicality

Everyone once and a while, I’ll pop in an old CD I haven’t heard in a while. Perhaps an old favorite. I always wonder “Why did I ever stop listening to this?” It transports me, inspires me, changes my writing habits as a composer. Oh how I am so easily manipulated into the fantasy of the genre. The lure of playing heavy metal before a crowd, the self-sufficiency of being a singer-songwriter behind an acoustic guitar, the appeal of leading worship at church. “Maybe this one will allow me to pursue this full time.” “How about this one; it’ll surely bring in the income.”

I’ll go through a phase. Sometimes a week, and sometimes a couple of months. Either the inspiration will die first, or the once “practical” solution as a composer seems “impractical.” What comes off as myself being such a genre-diverse composer is really just me scratching & clawing to find something that works; not musically, but financially.

Let’s make good music cheap sounds an awful lot like the fast food industry, but hopefully the dream isn’t as bad for me.

Here’s to all you composers, songwriters, and aspiring bedroom musicians. Let’s find something that works.